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NRA Letter to Congress -- Description of how NCIS checks operate now and how proposed "Universal Background Checks" would require registration of all lawfully held firearms. For full text: click here

Click here for text of NIJ report revealing the disconnect between gun restrictions and a reduction in crime.

Look for the twitter summary for Universal Background checks, which reads:

"Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration, and an easy gun transfer process."


Statement from Chris W. Cox Regarding "Universal" Background Checks

False information has appeared Jan 25 that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) is working on a bill with the NRA what would implement universal background checks.

PLEASE NOTE: The NRA does NOT support universal background checks and is not working with Manchin to implement this type of legislation. NRA opposes, and will continue to oppose, universal background checks and registration schemes.

Cox goes on to say, "We do believe that records of those who are prohibited by law from purchasing firearms (including those whose mental health history puts them in this category) ought to be included in the federal instant check system."

-- NRA-ILA posted January 26, 2013




You may have missed this "anti-Katrina" effort by the U.S. Congress 2007 --

Sec.706, Firearms Policies (42 U.S.C. 5207) (a) Prohibition on Confiscation of Firearms... To look for pp. 69-70 in the full text Click here.

See pp. 69-70 on prohibitions against firearms confiscations under color of law, as well as "private rights of action" if firearms confiscation prohibitions violated in times of declared Federal emergency or when Federal aide is delivered.

NRA sponsored web site for hunter rights. click here

NC Wildlife Federation Formed Camouflage Coalition to notify hunters and anglers on issues impacting hunting, fishing, and conservation. click here

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