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Our mission is to protect and preserve our Second Amendment right to bear arms and to promote and preserve the shooting sports, the safe use and storage of firearms, and the principles of marksmanship and self-defense.


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North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association surveys NC court candidates

You may not know their names or know what they do, but be assured they are vitally important to your freedoms. The Second Amendment and laws designed to protect the right to keep and bear arms are meaningless if they are not adequately enforced in our courts. To that end, your board sent a Questionnaire to each of the candidates for the North Carolina Supreme Court Justice, Associate Justice, and for the Court of Appeals. This is a partisan race, but your Board will not take a position regarding political party registration or their responses. We seek to educate our members so you can make an informed decision and vote with confidence in the November election.



Gov. Roy Cooper vetoes bill that will allow all citizens to worship safely

When Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC) vetoed HB 652, the Second Amendment Protection Act, he stated, “This bill allows guns on school property, which threatens the safety of students and teachers.”  Members of the North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association (NCRPA) worked hard in support of this bill and are deeply disappointed that he ignored a bipartisan effort that would have made North Carolina citizens safer while attending religious services.

“Did the governor actually read the bill,” asked NCRPA president, Fred Edgecomb, “and is he unwilling to acknowledge that mass shootings at places of worship in recent years were stopped by armed parishioners?”

North Carolina law allows firearms in religious institutions unless the church prohibits them. HB 652 only applies to churches that operate nonpublic schools on the same property, or in the same building, and explicitly states that guns may not be present during school hours, or when curricular, extracurricular, or school sponsored activities are occurring. “This bill will allow a person with a concealed handgun permit to possess and carry a handgun on church property that also has a nonpublic school on the same property. Members of the faith community want to be able to protect themselves and their families. Why can’t we have equal protection under the law? I guess Governor Cooper is playing politics during an election year,” stated Edgecomb.

Dennis Allen, NCRPA’s chief lobbyist, stated, “This shows the difference in perceptions that Governor Cooper seems to hold with those of the faith community and with those of us who believe in constitutional governance and private property rights.  If a property owner can prohibit firearms on their property based on the right to control their property, should not other property owners enjoy the right to allow them?  It appears that the Governor is more concerned with retaining government control over as many aspects of citizen’s lives as possible than he is with the safety of those same citizens. It is clear that this veto, if not overridden, ensures that churches will remain undefended targets of violence.”

The NCRPA encourages its members and North Carolina citizens to contact their state senator and state representative and urge them to support a vote to override the governor’s veto of HB 652.  To find your legislators, link to https://www.ncleg.gov/FindYourLegislators




**North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association seeks to remove the Pistol Purchase Permit requirement


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