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Click here. This link sends you to the North Carolina Legislative site athttp://www.ncleg.net/Legislation/legislation.html.

Go visit your own elected representatives at the local and state levels. Ask them what they are going to do to protect law abiding gun owners. Take notes. Send feedback to NCRPA members. Use the Feedback Form there on the black strip to your left.

Remind your elected representatives that gun ownership cuts across all parties in North Carolina, always has, always will.

Pro-Guns Bills Move Forward– Ask specifically about the bill to keep formal declarations of emergency by federal, state or local officials from imposing further restrictions on North Carolina gun owners. Find out where your elected representatives stand on this and let us know through the Feedback Form.

NRA’s North Carolina Legislative Alerts

This link sends you to the NRA-ILA website that tracts legislation stories in all the states.

To get to the North Carolina stories, select North Carolina, and then GO, among the search fields.

Since the stories are listed from current to past, this is a useful link for getting the history on a legislative issue that has just come to your attention.

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